Waste Nations Help

Container Loading Tips

  • Load ONLY to the top (rim) of the container.
  • Any debris above the rim will have to be removed for tarping prior to transport.
  • Maximum size roll-off container for roofing material is 20 cubic yards due to the weight of the material.
  • Debris above the roll-off container rim must be removed by the user so that the container can be hauled safely. Container Contents

Waste that is not allowed :

  • Materials banned from landfill disposal (paint, liquid waste, pesticides, motor oil, etc.)
  • Kitchen garbage
  • Due to weight restrictions, loading heavy items may be limited (dirt, concrete, large trees)
  • Tires

Container Location

  • Container must be placed on firm, stable ground or surface
  • Location must be easy to access by truck without obstructions
  • Free of overhead obstructions
  • Cannot be placed on a city street


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