Commercial Waste Services

According to recent studies, businesses generate somewhere between 35-45 percent of all municipal solid waste. Although there are many different types of businesses, most fall into the following categories and produce the waste typical of that category. Waste Nations can provide containers and/or service for any type of commercial business. Please fill out our Request a Quote sign so that we can start helping you solve your trash problem.


These include professional offices, corporate offices, schools, and government agencies. The typical business generates about 1.7 pounds of waste per employee per day, much of it recyclable, high-grade paper. Typically office buildings need to order ongoing waste disposal services that are collected in a dumpster or front-end loading container that is placed in the parking lot. Make sure you are getting the best price with Waste Nations.


Any small or large consumer-oriented store. These businesses generate approximately 4 pounds of mixed waste per employee per day. This waste can include boxes, packing material, plastic film, and rejected or spoiled products. Depending on the size of the retail operation, garbage is collected in a front-end loader or compactor. Waste Nations can help you minimize your costs.

Food Service

These include restaurants, supermarkets, and food processors. Much of what these businesses discard is food waste, which could be composted, donated to a social service or agency, or used as animal feed in rural areas. Recyclable corrugated boxes, crates, glass, and aluminum containers, plastic, foil, and packing material are the other chief discards. These businesses generate an average of 14 pounds of trash per employee per day. This is typically collected in a front-end loader for recyclables and a compactor for trash. Let Waste Nations get you four competitive quotes.


This category includes hotels, resorts, airlines, and amusement parks. The volume generated is significant, but is subject to seasonal fluctuations. Although percentages vary widely, the primary components include food, paper, yard waste, glass, aluminum, plastic, and metals. Examples of cooperative programs include personal contacts with every business in the community, audits of waste stream components by waste professionals, designing in-house programs with a team of employees, and loaning equipment so that institutions can try programs before making capital investments. Let Waste Nations design a custom solution for your waste management.
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